What Artists Are Saying About the PRS S2 Starla

Posted Sep 11, 2014


Our S2 Starla model has been out for a little over a year now, in that time it has been played by thousands across the country and tour-tested by a number of our artists! As a company we believe in quality and craftsmanship and the S2 Starla is no exception. In this blog post we see what artists have to say about the Starlas they tour and record with.

“If I’m flying to a gig and I can only bring one guitar, it’s going to be the Starla! It’s a guitar that makes you feel cool when you play it. It has this classic, sexy, vibe happening. I can straight up rock with this guitar or get sweet with the Bigsby. It’s also a great for slide!”
-Mitchell Curtis (Dustin Lynch)

“This guitar looks, sounds, and plays like a dream. From it’s light weight body (that won’t break your back) to the coil tapping pick ups and bigsby tail piece, I can’t help but have a blast every time I plug it in!”
Christopher Goodwin (American Fangs)

“As a true gear head and tone freak, I was turned on to PRS guitars like everyone else, and really found some great inspiring retro tones in the PRS S2 Starla.”
Steve Stout (Blondefire)

As for guitars, PRS sure makes some good ones. I dig the Starla. It’s a more classic looking guitar. The humbuckers are really hot and it’s cool that they have coil taps. I really like the Bigsby as well – it’s a new thing for me and I am thoroughly enjoying having it in my guitarsenal.”
- Zack Feinberg (The Revivalists)

“I absolutely love the PRS S2 Starla! It plays like a dream! It has such a rich and full tone on the humbucker pickups, but allows for a great middle cut when pulling the tone control for the coil splitting feature. The vintage style of the guitar fits my music perfectly and the antique white and Bigsby Tailpiece is badass! It’s definitely my number one guitar at the moment.”
Eilidh McKellar

“My favorite guitar is the PRS Starla. This guitar sings! Killer classic vintage looks, lightweight, plays like a dream and with the bigsby and coil tap makes it the PERFECT guitar for what I do with Green River Ordinance.”
- Jamey Ice (Green River Oridinance)

“I’m in love with my seafoam green Starla - the thing flat out rocks! Every time I play her, I’m blown away with how awesome the tone is. The pickups clean up so nicely, but crank the volume, and she’ll howl! This is the guitar I’ve dreamed about ever since I started playing.”
- Heath Robinson (Tyler & The Tribe)

Learn more about the Starla and the rest of the PRS S2 Series, HERE.