Watch Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern Play Lovely Tunes on Private Stock Acoustics

Posted Apr 26, 2018


PRS artist Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern have a mystifying musical connection which we recently had the pleasure of recording live in our studio.

Tony McManus is recognized as a leading guitarist in the world of Celtic music. With his PRS signature acoustic in hand, he has remarkable touch and is able to replicate complex ornamentation normally associated with fiddles and pipes on the acoustic guitar. Tony was recently recognized as one of the "top 50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists" by GuitarPlayer.

Julia Toaspern is a talented songwriter and musician who creatively blends folk, jazz, Irish, Scottish, and American roots. She is classically trained in both voice and violin, but is also a talented guitarist as displayed below.

When Tony arrived with Julia to the factory he had a suprise for her, a PRS Private Stock acoustic of her own. The videos below were shot within an hour of her receiving the guitar.

Watch their duet below!



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