Vernon Reid's Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Posted Nov 09, 2016


PRS artist Vernon Reid has been rocking with Living Colour since the mid 1980's and since that time has had a huge influence on guitarists, live performance, and music in general. Living Colour has won a Grammy Award, been ranked among the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock by VH1, and has been deemed "funk metal pioneers" by Rolling Stone. Over the course of Reid's career, Living Colour has blended heavy metal, funk, jazz, hip hop, and rock into a memorizing fusion of sound - all of which gets unloaded to the audience at every gig. As you can imagine, Reid needs a lot of tools to get this job done, and central to his rig has been a PTC modded S2 Vela. This past April Reid met up with Premier Guitar before a gig in Nashville to chat about his complex yet crushing rig that he uses for all of his live performances. Check out the Rig Rundown with Premier Guitar below!
Vernon Reid played live with Living Colour at this year's Experience PRS event, see the photos below! / / / / / / / /