Tyler Larson's PRS SC245 Overhauled on Phillip McKnight's "Sharpen My Axe"

Posted Apr 02, 2018

Musician, guitar teacher, and YouTuber Tyler Larson (Music Is Win) recently sent his beloved SC245 10-Top to a fellow musician, YouTuber, and former PRS dealer, Phillip McKnight. Phil hosts a cool segment on his YouTube channel called, “Sharpen My Axe” where he overhauls and updates instruments to a new and beautiful working condition.

Tyler has a special relationship with his PRS after he spent weeks eyeing it up at a local music store and saving the cash to bring it home. He purchased the guitar which he lovingly refers to as “Baby” in the Summer of 2012 while a student at the Berklee College of Music.

Once Phil received the guitar by mail, he got to work polishing and tweaking the instrument with updated PRS pickups, knobs, and more.

Check it out in the video below!

Of course Tyler was very pleased when he got the instrument back in his hands, check out his side of the story below!

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