Tips For Building Great Guitar Loops

Posted Aug 19, 2019

Tech Tips

If you are a musician who has played with a loop pedal before, you likely know how much fun (and at times challenging) it can be. Whether you have been using a loop pedal for years or this is your first time thinking about it, this blog will help you take your loops to the next level.


What is a Loop Pedal?

Loop pedals are used to record a musical phrase or short passage on an instrument and play them back in a repeating loop. In most cases, you are engaging or disengaging the pedal with your feet, leaving you with two free hands for playing your guitar.

Here are just a handful of reasons loop pedals are useful:

  • they make a great practice tool for sharpening your rhythm and timing
  • they are a wonderful writing tool for composing music and structuring songs
  • they are helpful when practicing rhythms and leads by yourself
  • you can create powerful sonic backdrops as a solo musician at a gig

Below, PRS product specialist Bryan Ewald shows the techincal details of how you can build great guitar loops:


Inspired to start building your own loops? Post your video with the hashtag #myPRS so we can check out what you're up to!