The Story of Jacob Hemphill (SOJA) And His First PRS

Posted Aug 27, 2015


In a video filmed at PRS Experience, SOJA frontman Jacob Hemphill tells a great story about how he came to own his first PRS guitar! Check out this story to learn more about grammy-nominated reggae band SOJA and their history with PRS guitars. — SOJA has been in the scene since 1997 when they released their first album, Creeping In. The album’s success led to the band signing to a label and going on to record 6 more albums between 2002-2014 - the latest of which, Amid the Noise and Haste, charted at number 1 in the Reggae category. In the video below, Jacob Hemphill tells the story of how he first met Paul Reed Smith after a gig and how he came to own his first PRS model - a Modern Eagle II in Faded Blue Jean. Check it out!
More members of SOJA now play PRS as well! Below are photos of Jacob Hemphill, Trevor Young, and Bobby Lee all jamming their PRS guitars on stage. / / / / / / If you're interested in telling us the story of your first PRS, you can! Just hit us up at CONNECT WITH SOJA Facebook Twitter Instagram