The J-MOD 100 Amplifier Controls Explained

Posted Jul 18, 2017

Tech Tips

Born from passionate people who really love great tone, the J-MOD 100 Amplifier was the result of a close collaboration between PRS and musician John Mayer. While the amp has a relatively simple control layout, it can achieve a wide variety of tones with some easy maneuvering of the controls.

When Paul Smith, John Mayer, and PRS amp designer Doug Sewell set out to create the J-MOD 100, the goal was to create a versatile, beautiful sounding amp that could seamlessly handle not only John Mayer's live work with Dead & Company, but also the recording and performance of his solo material.

The J-MOD 100 features top-of-the-line components, is insanely sturdy to stand-up to a tough touring schedule, and is built on the platform of a single channel with a switchable gain stage and effects loop.

Every J-MOD 100 amp is crafted and quality inspected in our Maryland shop by the PRS amplifier team led by Sr. Amp Designer Doug Sewell.

Below, check out the video demo explaining the many sounds the J-MOD can produce:

If you're interested in hearing more about the J-MOD 100 story, read our Q&A with John Mayer or visit the J-MOD 100 product page.