The Full Lineup of 2021 Pulse Artists Is Here!

Posted Dec 15, 2020


Earlier this year we announced the Pulse Artist program - a new initiative that's all about discovering and supporting emerging PRS players who are out there making waves in their local music scenes. We launched Pulse with an initial group of eleven artists - our full roster now includes players from fourteen countries! These artists represent a diverse range of playing styles and reflect the global ambitions of the program.

Bev Fowler, PRS Director of Artist Relations, had this to say about the class of 2021 Pulse Artists:

“We were thrilled to receive so many applications from such talented players who already have a love for the PRS brand. There is so much undiscovered talent in the world of music, and we wanted to develop a program that helps to support influential regional players while helping fans and musicians discover each other. The Pulse Program has already produced those types of connections, and we hope this new community of artists continues to connect and grow.”


The process of finding talented local players 'making waves' in their music scene was made easier by relying on our network of awesome PRS dealers around the world. Below are quotes from two PRS dealers who helped bring some local talent to our attention.

"The Pulse program is a great way to expose PRS guitar players to a wider global audience. Backed by a community of music lovers, it taps into the reach, passion and legacy that IS PRS guitars. I feel very proud and humbled to be part of this program that shines brightly on rising talent. Gracias PRS Guitars!" – Andres Escobar, Guitarras 357

^ Store owner, Andres Escobar with Pulse Artists (L to R: Vanessa Gonzalez, Andres Beirute, Daniela Garcia and Andres Escobar)

"Bringing artists, local shops, and PRS together with the Pulse Artist program is wonderful. This is exactly the kind of support that the music community needs right now, lifting each other up and sharing our creative passions." Jeremie Murfin, Five Star Guitars

Hear from a few 2021 Pulse Artists below:

“I am so honored to be selected by PRS and represent them as a whole and am extremely thankful for this opportunity.”Beau Zachowski, Class of 2021 Pulse Artist

“Wow, what an honor. I am beyond ecstatic to join the PRS family. This is truly full circle for me.”John DeMena, Class of 2021 Pulse Artist

“I’m ecstatic to be a part of the PRS team!”Anthony Saturno, Class of 2021 Pulse Artist

“I appreciate this so much, this means so much to me. I’ve always been a fan and love PRS. My dad will be so proud he’s the one who’s been investing in my career since I started and I really I just want to make him proud.”Jennale Adams, Class of 2021 Pulse Artist

“After so many years being a user of the brand and always having PRS as the first option when carrying out my work as a musician, it’s great news for me to be able to collaborate with and with you.”Ruben Cores, Class of 2021 Pulse Artist



We'd like to say a big congratulations to all of the artists who were selected for this program. As the next year unfolds, we look forward to spotlighting these artists and sharing the projects they're involved with.

Pulse Artists are granted exclusive discounts on guitars, amps, and accessories through their local PRS dealers. Pulse Artists will also receive international exposure through editorial content on the PRS Guitars website and posts on our social platforms. The goal is to amplify these Artists and share their music, news, and progress as they pursue their musical journey.