Santana Guitar Gets Patched Up

Posted Aug 05, 2014

Behind The Gear

This guitar arrived to our PTC department at the PRS factory in rough shape. The neck was somehow still connected to the body but the body was broken and cracked from the neck joint to the bridge! On the back of the guitar, it was also cracked all the way to the edge of the electronics cavity. The only thing holding this guitar together was about an inch of unbroken wood.

The customer sent the guitar in to our tech center (PTC) hoping that we could bring the beauty back to life. The neck and body were reset and glued sturdily back in place. The guitar was then stripped of its finish and the PTC refinished the guitar in its original color. A final electronics assembly and setup made this guitar as good as new again!

If your guitar has fallen on tough times and needs some tender-loving care, consider our highly-trained PTC department! Click HERE to get started!