Q&A with PRS Pulse Artist Phillip Hamilton // New Album & More

Posted Nov 16, 2020


Phillip Hamilton, guitarist, composer, producer, and freshman PRS Pulse Artist is about to release a new album. Optimistically titled Make Today Yours, the Texas native’s third full length album features nine fresh tracks written and produced by Hamilton in his signature neo-soul style. Several tracks on Make Today Yours feature cameos by collaborating musicians including fellow PRS Pulse Artist Scott Reeves who makes an appearance on the album’s opening track “Pivot”. Below we caught up with Phillip about the new album, his plans for the future, and more!


PRS: Congratulations on the upcoming release of your newest album, Make Today Yours, how have things changed since the release of Grandeur last year?

PH: Thank you! Since my release of “Grandeur” last year, I’ve really just continued to lean and seed into the things I want to do musically, rather than what I think I should be doing; and its been extremely gratifying.

Make Today Yours continues to dig more into my interpretation of jazz fusion/jazz/soul. Grandeur was a transition EP for me to what I gravitate to more musically and “Make Today Yours” is a refined extension of that. “Make Today Yours” plays a lot with different instrumentation, but really highlights the complexities that lay within the idea of simple melodic lines and individual harmonies coexisting together.

PRS: We were thrilled to hear of your collaboration with fellow PULSE artist Scott Reeves on the track “Pivot”. How did you two link up, was it a direct result of the PULSE program?

PH: Yeah! My guy, Scott, is awesome! The PULSE Program is definitely the reason why and how we connected.We ended up just randomly connecting and became “PULSE bro’s” immediately, haha. We liked each other’s style and both of us just so happened to be working on projects that we wanted each other to jump on. I had just started writing “Pivot” that morning and Scott and I started talking about our projects later that afternoon and knew he would be great for it.

PRS: You are a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist in addition to being a gifted guitarist. Do you enjoy production and session work as much as you do creating your own music?

PH: Thank you so much! Absolutely, anytime I have the opportunity to get lost in my own head with music is wonderful. Connecting with others and producing or doing session work and sharing the experience of music is just a plus and gets me out whatever my personal creative zone was/is at that moment as well.

PRS: What guitars did you primarily use throughout the writing and recording of Make Today Yours?

PH: On Make Today Yours I would say I equally used my McCarty 594 & Silver Sky and later towards the end of wrapping the record, I needed something that sat between the two and picked up a Custom 24-08 that I quickly fell in love with. I used all three of them on a few tracks for layering as well.

PRS: What are your plans for the future, what can we expect to see and hear from you in 2021?

PH: More music, more collaborations, more content, more pushing, more, more, more. Hahaha, honestly, looking forward to whatever comes my way along with the personal goals I’ve set for myself as an artist and looking forward to connecting and meeting more amazing individuals along this beautiful journey.


Make Today Yours drops on November 20th, pre-order here!