PRS Brent Mason Model PTC Overhaul

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Imagine’ve purchased your dream guitar and it feels and sounds great in your hands, BUT there’s just one little thing that you think would really make it tailored specially for you and your style. Enter our PTC department. They are in the business of making your guitar dreams a reality.

This PTC customer wanted to overhaul the electronics configuration of their PRS Brent Mason signature model. For reference, the Brent Mason Model comes standard with “Narrow 408” treble and bass pickups as well as a 305 Singlecoil in the center position. The two coil taps can give you a choice of 9 different tonal varieties.

The PTC modded this Brent Mason by installing the two “Narrow 408” pickups in the center and neck positions. In the center was the 408 Treble and in the neck was the 408 Bass. The original bridge pickup was changed to a wide 408. One more coil tap was added so that each pickup could be coil-taped. The tone pot was modded to include a “push/pull” knob. When the pot was pulled up it activated the neck and bridge pickup in addition to whatever was selected on the switch. This allowed for use of the outside pickups together or all three pickups together.

These modifications resulted in 22 different tonal varieties to choose from! If you have an idea for your PRS guitar, contact our PTC department HERE.