Posted Jan 23, 2019


We just landed in sunny Anaheim, California for the annual NAMM show and the booth is ready! The National Association of Music Merchants or “NAMM” is a music industry trade show inaugurated in 1901. The show exists to support the music industry and show the world the latest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound, and lighting. This week, tens of thousands will gather at the Anaheim convention center for a few days of business and music-filled fun.

PRS is again in room 210A, if you'll be at the show, stop by to check out our new products and say hello!

If you won’t be at the show, we filmed a video with Paul Reed Smith to give you a rundown of our 2019 booth layout.



^ In addition to daily product demos, at 1:30PM on Thursday we have a press conference featuring Jakko Jakszyk and Carlos Santana.


We have tons of guitars and amps in our booth this year. Here are the newest instruments that will be making an apperance at NAMM this year:


PAUL'S GUITAR // Paul's Favorite Features In Your Hands

Historically, the Paul’s Guitar (like the Modern Eagle before it) has been a realization of Paul Reed Smith’s latest discoveries surrounding tone. This revamped model represents Paul’s vision not only as a guitar maker but as a guitar player who needs versatile stage- and studio-ready gear that can achieve all the right tones. As a man who has every option available to him, Paul’s personal design choices include mahogany bodies with maple tops, Honduran rosewood fretboards, Nitrocellulose finishes, “Brushstroke” bird inlays, and narrow pickup bobbins. The Paul’s Guitar model also includes PRS’s TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treble and bass pickups with two mini-toggle switches that allow players to put either or both pickups in either humbucking or true single coil mode.

"I don’t just like the newest version of my guitar, I love it. With these new pickups, I can move from a strong bridge pickup to a very clear, “whoopy” neck pickup – you can hear every note – by just setting the mini-toggles and using the 3-way as normal. It’s a highly musical and very usable setup. This guitar has clear, spanky single coils when you split the pickups but a very full soapbar quality when they are in humbucking mode. It’s just beautiful.- Paul Reed Smith

McCARTY 594 HOLLOWBODY II // Resonant and Vintage Sounding

The McCarty 594 Hollowbody II brings a new set of features to one of our most beloved models – the Hollowbody II. With fully-hollow build construction, the Hollowbody II is a resonant guitar with warm, woody tone. The details taken from the McCarty 594 model impart old-school character to this already classic instrument.

NEW SILVER SKY COLORS // Same Great Instrument, More Finish Options

CE 24 SEMI-HOLLOW // Classic CE Character with Semi-Hollow Style

The original CE was introduced in 1988, offering players traditional PRS design and features with a bolt-on neck. A favorite throughout PRS history, the CE 24 was reintroduced in 2016 and is now expanding to include a semi-hollow model.

"The CE 24 Semi-Hollow combines the snap and sustain of our maple neck bolt-on guitars but adds an airy resonance of a semi-hollow body creating a voice all its own. Every dealer who has come through the shop and checked out the prototypes has enjoyed the guitar. We think it is a fairly unique addition to our bolt-on lineup."- Jim Cullen // PRS Director of Sales

SE CUSTOM 24 ZIRICOTE // Classic PRS Design with a Fresh Look

The SE Custom 24 is one of our most popular models and it's easy to tell why: versatile tones paired with a great feel and look. Last year, we decked out our SE Custom 24 with a selection of unique veneers. For 2019, we're continuing to dress up these models with the option of a zebrawood or ziricote veneer. An exotic look on a classic model.

SE SCHIZOID // Honoring King Crimson's 50th Anniversary

This year, the legendary English progressive rock band King Crimson celebrates their 50th Anniversary. To celebrate we've created a signature guitar for Crimson's lead singer and guitarist, Jakko Jakszyk. We're offering a maximum of 1,000 SE Schizoid guitars, adorned with the classic artwork from Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King album.

Jakko Jakszyk’s story reads like a tale of rock-and-roll dreams:

"When I was 11 years old my neighbour played me a song called ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ by King Crimson, and it blew my head off. Overnight they became my favourite band. I went to see them live a year later and my senses were equally destroyed, and I vowed that night that music would be my life. I could never have imagined that I would actually find myself in that very band years later, singing and playing that very song."
- Jakko Jakszyk // King Crimson

When Robert Fripp invited Jakko to join Crimson a few years ago, Jakko knew he needed a new guitar. He choose a PRS Custom 24 Piezo covered with the “Schizoid Man” artwork.

Jakko mentioned, "Much as I loved and owned a number of vintage guitars, live I would always play something modern – more reliable. PRS is the best of both worlds. A modern instrument that feels and looks like a classic. So when PRS asked if they could make me something special it had to be a guitar with that iconic artwork. The ‘Schizoid Man’ face that started this whole journey off. Full circle as it were."

SE PAUL'S GUITAR // Paul's Favorite Features at an Incredible Value

The SE Paul’s Guitar delivers a lot of “PRS,” starting with tone and versatility. The TCI “S” treble and bass pickups deliver a pure, vintage sound and with two-mini toggle switches, you have easy access to true single coil mode in both pickups. This is the first model to offer this style of electronics outside of the Private Stock and Core lines.

"The SE Paul’s Guitar is a great example of design, engineering, and teamwork. It’s as close to home as we could get inside of the SE Series, and I am very proud of it."
- Paul Reed Smith

“The Paul’s Guitar, like the Modern Eagle before it, has always been about Paul’s latest discoveries in guitar making. To bring this guitar into the SE Series, we knew the tone, functionality, and playability had to be right and had to be consistent,” said Jack Higginbotham, our Chief Operating Officer.

In order to the full story of the SE Paul's guitar, we filmed a video with Paul and Jack, check it out here.

The SE Paul's guitar is available in three cool colors, reminiscent of our earliest finish offerings, Amber, Aqua, and Fire Red.

SE SANTANA SINGLECUT TREM // Modelled After Santana's Workhorse Gold Leaf Guitar

The SE Santana Singlecut Trem pays tribute to Santana’s one-off gold leaf Private Stock PRS. Modelled afer the workhorse gold leaf guitar that Carlos plays on stage, the SE version of this special instrument began when Santana heard the 2018 Paul’s Guitar TCI pickups. Impressed with their tone, Santana requested a set of those pickups without the coil taps, and from there, TCI “S” pickups were born. Wanting to capture their full-range tone in a special model, Santana and Paul looked to Santana’s personal instruments and choose the gold leaf Singlecut.

Additional features include the classic Santana/PRS combination of a 24.5” scale length, 24 frets, and a tremolo bridge, the SE Santana Singlecut Trem, providing two full octaves with the comfort of a shorter-scale guitar.

When I think of PRS I think of impeccable integrity! Right out of the case, the guitar looks and feels incredible, but for me it is about the sound, resonance, vibration that allows me to take flight with every note. The SE Santana Singlecut Trem has a range and universal tone that delivers with power and clarity, allowing you to find your own voice in your heart’s music. It is an honor to add this beautiful guitar to the PRS SE line that I helped start so many years ago. We invite you to spread your wings and find your voice with this beautiful instrument!" - Carlos Santana


2018 was a very exciting year for PRS acoustic guitars as we added 6 new models. For 2019, we are taking it a step further with some beautiful sounding additions.

SE A55E & T55E // Bold Look with 3-D Sound

The SE A55E and T55E continue to bring our Private Stock aesthetic to the SE Series with quilted maple back and sides offered in two colors: classic Black Gold Burst or striking Abaco Green.

SE A60E & T60E // Full, Vintage Tone

The SE A60E and T60E also bring impressive aesthetics to the assortment, with ziricote back and sides, curly maple binding and heel cap, and abalone purfling and rosette details.

SE A50E & T40E // Now With Burst Options!

Rounding out the acoustic additions are burst options for the 40 and 50 series guitars! And as always, the 40 series comes with beautiful Ovangkol and the 50 series with flamed maple.

“SE acoustics are born from our work inside the PRS Private Stock team making highly-individualized instruments. With years of intimate work experience to build on, we have applied our bracing pattern and other foundational design elements to the SE line, resulting in high-value instruments that we love. We are proud of our manufacturing partners and humbled by the reviews and support from our dealers as we continue to grow this offering.- Jack Higginbotham // PRS Chief Operating Officer

See you at NAMM 2019!


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