Music Unites

Posted Jun 09, 2020


Music Unites

Last week, PRS took a pause from social media and content to take the time to have conversations and to listen. In speaking with each other and with a number of our artist community, the power of music to bring us together has never been more apparent. As instrument makers, our job is to provide tools for musicians to do their job, voice their truth, and share their art. While we understand music is not the answer, we are grateful that it helps so many to express feelings of protest, joy, anger, sadness, and love. Music has a special way of allowing a voice to be heard that otherwise would not.

To celebrate music’s ability to bring people together and promote positive change, we have created a “Music Unites” playlist – featuring PRS artists and other iconic musicians – to remind us that there is more that bring us together than pulls us apart. Music Unites.