Missed Connections: S2 Vela Satin Limited

Posted Mar 17, 2017

Behind The Gear

“Missed Connections” are our way of making sure you have a second chance to see all of the great limited run guitars that we make - often in small batches! This missed connection features the S2 Vela Satin, a unique limited order-window guitar that we recently closed the order window on! But don't worry, now is a great time to scoop one up from a PRS dealer who has it in stock!



While sleek and easy on the eyes, this limited-edition S2 Vela packs a punch. We built the Vela to be a vintage-inspired guitar with a unique offset body shape, loads of personality, and bountiful tonal textures.

This limited-edition satin version features the same specs as the orginial S2 Vela - with a bright, punchy Type-D Singlecoil pickup in the neck, and a chimey articulate Starla pickup in the bridge.

The all-mahogany body provides a balanced warmth to pair well with it's clarity and the all satin body and neck feel instantly comfortable.

The S2 Vela Satin Limited is offered in three classy finishes: Charcoal, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, and Vintage Cherry.

Psst, we know for a fact this Vela sounds awesome with our Sonzera amps.

Click here to find a dealer and try one for yourself!

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