Meet The Dealer - Dave's Guitar Shop!

Posted May 18, 2015


Q&A with Tylor from Dave’s Guitar Shop
La Crosse, WI


How many years have you been in business? Why/how did you get started?

We have been selling guitars for 33 years. Dave started his shop out of necessity. He was obsessed with guitars and all of the other music stores in the area wanted him to sell pianos, drums, etc. So he started his shop out of his mobile home and we have slowly grown from there.


Outside of just selling guitars, what else should people know about you? Do you offer lessons, repairs, etc..?

We pride ourselves on being a full service guitar shop. We have 2 full time Luthiers that do full repairs and build guitars in their spare time. They can complete anything from a simple nut or saddle to grafting headstocks and refinishing guitars if needed. We also have a full time amp tech specializing in Tube Amp and electronics repair. We are known for Dave’s personal collection of vintage guitars that is located on our 2nd floor. His collection consists of over 400 vintage guitars and amps with pristine examples of almost every significant guitar.


What’s your favorite piece of PRS gear at your store?

It’s hard to pick just one but right now I always end up picking up one of the Korina McCarty guitars that we had run in custom colors. Bang for the buck they are just killer guitars. I love them!

If you could make a PRS Private Stock Built-to-Order guitar - what would the specs be?

A Mandolin Body Full Hollow. 57/08 pickups. Hybrid Hardware. Flamed Maple neck with Matching Stain. Raspberry Glow or Aqua Violet Glow.

Most heard song when a customer is demoing a guitar?

Sweet Child of Mine or Fade to Black. Really anything from Guns ‘N Roses or Metallica.

Favorite customer interaction?

Any time a customer calls me to tell me how much they love a guitar. Ultimately this is what we are in business for. It does no one any good to sell a guitar that doesn’t fit a Customer’s needs. I have one of those guitars that just feels perfect in your hands. I always strive to help our customers find that same type of guitar for themselves.

Why buy a PRS from Dave’s Guitar Shop?

Selection and Expertise. We currently have over 300 new and used PRS guitars in stock with more on the way! I love the product and play it almost exclusively. We have a number of Pre-Factory and early Private Stock examples in the collection upstairs we can compare guitars to.


Anything else folks should know?

We list every guitar we have in the shop on our website and update our website hourly! Check it out!
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