Meet The Dealer - Crazy Dave's Music!

Posted Mar 25, 2015


Q&A with Squiggy from Crazy Dave’s Music
Crazy Dave’s Music
192 Arora Blvd Orange Park FL 32073

How many years have you been in business? How did you get started?

We have been supporting loud music since 1990 at Crazy Dave’s Music. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. In the beginning Crazy Dave’s Music was primarily a pawn shop. We started selling strings because the employees were musicians and didn’t want to pay full retail price for strings. We started selling online about 10 years ago and through that success we now sell at music festivals all across the country. I really feel like I have never worked a day - I love this industry. If you have a vision and passion, this industry has a lot of opportunities for creative people.

Outside of just selling guitars, what else should people know about you? Do you offer lessons, repairs, etc..?

We do the “Music Experience” booth throughout the country at festivals like Welcome to Rockville, Rock on the Range, Aftershock, Louder than Life and more. Music Experience is an interactive Rockstar exhibit that showcases each manufacturer’s story and accolades. I have always felt that committing to an instrument really means committing to the story of the brand. Your favorite musician is just a character in the manufacturer’s story. Manufacturers are my rock stars.

What’s your favorite piece of PRS gear at your store?

Hummmm, the seafoam green S2 Starla. Something about it makes me warm and fuzzy.

If you could make a PRS Private Stock Built-to-Order guitar - what would the specs be?

I am so glad you asked, hint hint!!!! It would be a version of PS #2556. However, I don’t really need 3 pickups, 2 would be just fine. The Tree Of Life inlay is cool, but I would prefer my name “SQUIGGY” down the fretboard in green. I would also put a set of the \M/ pickups in there.

Most heard song when a customer is demoing a guitar?

Some version of Djent, Djent, DJ DJ DJ Djent Djent, followed by a squeal, then Djent, Djent.

Favorite customer interaction?

At Music Experience we have so many. We work with FxCK Cancer and help them with their Dying to Live Dreams. It is like Make-a-Wish but with a Rock-N-Roll twist. This little girl named Madison in Jacksonville brought me to tears because she was fighting Leukemia and she just wanted to meet the band 5 Finger Death Punch. FxCK Cancer made it happen and we provided her the guitar to get signed. We have so many wonderful stories like that; I can talk for hours about them.

Why buy a PRS from Crazy Dave’s Music?

We are 100% Rock N Roll. We are tattooed, chubby and all have beards. There are actually a few skinny guys, but we are breaking them down. We live this lifestyle. We are the music store that brings the girl home late from our first date. We are the music store that buys shots for everyone at the bar after we get out of rehab. We are the music store that farts in public.

Anything else folks should know?

Yeah, check us out online!

Photos from Crazy Dave’s Music!

This is Madison from Jacksonville.

Mark Tremonti meeting fans at the Music Experience tent.

Hanging out in the Music Experience tent.