Interview with Vernon Reid About His New PRS S2 Vela and More!

Posted Nov 02, 2015


Recently, PRS artist Vernon Reid linked up with Jason McNamara from Ishibashi Music in Tokyo for an up close and personal interview about his new modded PRS S2 Vela Guitar. Check out the video interview below! -- A few months ago when Vernon approached our PTC department about modding a stock PRS S2 Vela, we were excited about the challenge. It took some collaboration and planning but Vernon is thrilled with the results. Refer to the image below for a run-down of Vernon's electronics controls: 1. Magnetic Pickup Volume Control 2. 3-Way Blade Pickup Selector 3. Roland MIDI Pickup Volume Control 4. Magnetic Pickup Tone Control 5. 3-Way Mini Toggle (Up = MIDI Pickup, Middle = Both, Down = All Magnetic Pickup) 6. Toggle Up Through MIDI Sounds 7. Toggle Down Through MIDI Sounds / So far it is the only one of its kind in existence! To learn more about the modification process, take a peek at this blog post. Check out the video below to see Jason interview Vernon about the guitar, what it does, and talk about how it all came together:
Thanks to Jason and Ishibashi Music for the footage!