How To Make a Simple Truss Rod Adjustment

Posted May 22, 2019

Tech Tips

A truss rod is a steel bar that runs down the center of a guitar's neck underneath the fretboard and is used to compensate for string pull or climatic conditions that can affect the relief (bow) of a neck. While conventional truss rods can only compensate for forward neck bow, the PRS double acting truss rod was introduced in 1992 and is unique in that it can help compensate for relief in two directions, both forwards and backwards.

Due to varied climate and other conditions which your guitar may be exposed to during its lifetime, we have made our necks fully adjustable. Every PRS guitar we ship comes with a small wrench used for adjusting your guitar's truss rod.

Below, James "Skitchy" Zimmers from our PRS tech center (PTC) explains the signs that you may need a truss rod adjustment, as well as the tools required to safely adjust your own truss rod.