GuitCon 2018 Wrap-Up!

Posted Oct 30, 2018


After 5 magical days in Germany, our team is back from the gear paradise known as GuitCon.

The goal of GuitCon is to unite successful guitar-related YouTube channels with the manufacturers they love. All week long, YouTubers collaborate and produce fun gear-focused content for their channels. The first GuitCon event was held in 2017 and resulted in over 300 videos produced!

This year YouTubers from around the globe joined the fun. We met folks from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, and Germany.

Our own Jeanne Nooney traveled to the Framus Warwick factory in Markneukirchen, Germany for this year’s event. We brought along Michael Palmisano, founder of the online guitar learning community Guitar Gate, as our demonstrator. We also brought Ace Kent from London-based band Skunk Anansie and the talented PRS artist Simon McBride.

In addition to PRS, 15 other manufactures participated in GuitCon 2018. We brought 10 instruments including a Silver Sky, McCarty 594, S2 Standard Satin, a Grainger 5 Bass, and the crowd favorite, a Custom 24 10-top. For amps, we had all angles covered with an MT 15, Sonzera 20 Combo and Sozera 50 Combo.

During the day our instruments were hardly ever in their stands as YouTubers would collaborate and create content with our gear.

Check out Michael Palmisano’s video recap below:

Each night a livestream was held with a panel of YouTubers covering a range of topics like: Does Music Theory Matter?, Music and Entrepreneurship, Pedals, Human Feel in a Digital World, and Tube Amps vs Modelers.

And of course there were jams, lots and lots of jams. Our very own Michael Palmisano hopped on stage Day 2 and rocked the house.

We want to give a special shout-out and say a huge THANK YOU to Michael Palmisano for joining us at this year’s event as well as Ace and Simon McBride!

Below is a full list of YouTubers in attendance at Guitcon 2018, click their names to visit their channels:

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