Guitar Tech Veteran Rene Martinez Shares Tales From The Road

Posted Jul 09, 2018

Behind The Gear / Tech Tips

Few understand life on the road better than guitar-tech veteran Rene Martinez. Before landing his gig as the tech for blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rene spent years developing his skills as an instrument repairman.

In a conversation below with Paul Reed Smith, Rene shares stories of his incredible life’s work with SRV, as well as a risky move which helped him land a gig as the tech for John Mayer:

As you can imagine, Rene knows good gear and the characteristics that set a great guitar or amp apart from the rest. Below, Rene dishes his opinion on John Mayer's rig for his headlining tours, the Silver Sky and J-MOD 100 amplifier.


Check out the gear featured in these videos:


J-MOD 100