Check Out These Great PRS Dealers!

Posted Nov 20, 2017

Behind The Gear

Your guitar buying experience should be low stress! Having a great selection of PRS models in one place, paired with a knowledgable staff, will help you find the guitar of your dreams in no time. Check out this blog as we highlight a few of our dealers with a great selection of PRS gear in stock now (and just in time for the holidays!)



Brian's Guitars is a boutique music shop and PRS Signature Dealer located in Cheshire, CT. Owner Brian Giampietro first opened the doors to his shop in 2010. It's no secret that Brian has a passion for PRS Guitars, and that passion is evident upon entering the newly renovated Brian's Guitars showroom. The walls are lined with everything from exclusive Walking Zombie Private Stocks to hand-selected Wood Library runs to PRS acoustics, amps, and accessories. The Brian's Guitars crew puts a tremendous amount of time and attention into selecting the woods and specs for each and every Private Stock and Wood Library build. Brian works closely with the PRS team, as well as his customers, to develop the latest and greatest colors, unique inlays, and one-of-a-kind builds. The BG crew can often be found at the PRS Factory assisting customers with Private Stock builds, and hand-picking inventory for the shop. Over the years, Brian's Guitars has been recognized as one of the top 5 U.S. PRS dealers, and a number of BG builds have been featured in both the Private Stock Calendar and Guitar Aficionado Magazine. In addition to PRS Guitars, Brian's Guitars carries a wide selection of new and used gear, and offers repairs, lessons, trades, and consignment. Whether you are looking to do a custom build or purchase something off the sales floor or website, Brian's Guitars is always happy to help a customer find the right fit.


Dave’s Guitar Shop, Located in small town La Crosse, WI, has quietly become a Mecca of guitar shops. Hosting over 3000 guitars and one of the most comprehensive vintage collections in the nation people from all over the world have made the trek to our 30,000 Sqft of retail space. We pride ourselves on being a relaxed place to come and play guitar. Whether just testing out new gear, or getting to look at rare vintage pieces, we try to be a one stop shop for guitar players of any type.


Ish Guitars has been a long time coming. At the tender age of 16, Jesse Wilson sold his first car to fund 4 basses as the opening order for his first dealership. Founded in 2009, the company was originally called “The High Studio”, created for online-only retail from his parents basement of basses almost exclusively (Jesse is a bassist). As his unique custom-optioned bass sales grew, so did the business. In December of 2014 the company expanded to its current location in the downtown Syracuse, NY “Armory Square” district, while renaming the company “Ish Guitars” - an honor to his grandfather who calls him “Ish Ka Bibble” as a joking nickname. Ish Guitars is growing extremely fast, and has the honor of becoming the fastest-ever PRS dealer to go from a basic SE-only dealer to a full-line PRS Signature Dealer.


John’s passion for Paul Reed Smith Guitars goes back to the very beginning of the PRS story. Paul and John have been working closely together since 1979, when they first met at Paul’s West Street workshop in Annapolis, MD. They soon began collaborating on many things related to his quest for building the ultimate guitar, most notably the PRS vibrato bridge. Fast forward to today, John Mann’s Guitar Vault now has the largest selection of PRS Guitars in New England. The store carries a wide selection of everything PRS… including guitars, amps and parts. We stock the entire product line from Private Stock, Wood Library and Limited Editions, Core, as well as the new CE, S2 and SE models.


Since 1976, Moore Music has been a destination for musicians. Guitar World magazine called Moore Music “One of the Coolest Guitar Shops in the United States.” The store has been a Top 10 PRS Dealer several years running, and was recently named a Top 100 Dealer by NAMM. With some of the most knowledgeable and friendliest guitar guys around, a 48-hour risk free return policy, and lots of great financing options, Moore Music provides a top-notch customer experience. Every guitar that leaves Moore Music is inspected and setup to the new owner’s specifications. It’s all part of the Moore Music value!


Northeast Music Center has been selling PRS Guitars for 22 years. Owner Jack Gretz was one of 3 dealers that helped to start and promote the Private stock program. Jack and Paul have a very close friendship and often trade ideas on guitar building. Northeast Music Center stocks and services the complete line of PRS Guitars and amplifiers, from SE models through Wood Library and Private Stock Guitars.


Palen Music Center and PRS have been partners in supplying musicians with quality instruments since 1988. At Palen Music Center we’re always looking to provide our customers with exceptional products from companies that aline with our core values and our mission. We have enjoyed the many times Paul has visited our stores and how how much knowledge he imparts on both our team and our customers. Whether Paul is at one of our stores or we are building wood library/private stock, it's always exciting and educational. PRS continues to deliver some of the highest quality products in the industry, and we’re proud to be a Signature dealer. Palen Music Center stocks and services the complete line of PRS Guitars and amplifiers, from SE models through Wood Library and Private Stock guitars.


The Guitar Store in Seattle is a world famous landmark known for its gigantic pedal selection, huge guitar selection, live shows, colorful murals and wacky videos including "The New Hire (Feat. Paul Reed Smith). James and the crew travel to the builders to help pick out the materials and design instruments that we offer. With a staff of road hardened musicians, band geeks and a math nerd, we offer care, service and professional help you only find at world class boutiques. Along with the largest selection of PRS guitars in the Pacific Northwest, we provide in house photography, video, luthier and amp tech services to ensure that you not only get the instrument you want to begin with, but can keep that instrument for life. Call us today. Begin a relationship. Make a friend.


Go West! Wild West Guitars – the iconic California indie dealer closing in on 20 years of groundbreaking, earthshaking PRS action – blazes the six-string trail as the perennial Private Stock and Wood Library Ltd series leader. Hunt down the PRS of your dreams on the legendary Wild West website, the pioneer online guitar source. Rare. Unique. Limited. Hand-selected PRS Private Stock, Artist Package and 10 Top guitars roll large alongside custom CEs and stellar, core PRS USA axes. Rock The Best: The Wild West!


Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center has been one of the largest independent musical instrument retailers in the country since 1958. Started by Chuck and Marge Levin, and now in its 3rd generation of family ownership, “Chuck’s” continues to be a staple in the music community. We were one of the first PRS dealers, but we had an inside contact: Paul Reed Smith worked in our guitar repair shop about 40 years ago.