Check out PRS Live!

Posted Oct 23, 2017


Recently, Paul and other members from the PRS team have been filming a series of Facebook live videos from inside our factory! Our goal is to give you a peek of the inner workings of the PRS factory and display our dedication to building the best instruments we can.

Below, take a look at the videos we've filmed thus far!


Wood & Rough Cut

Learn how we select, sort, and prepare our woods for guitar making!

Neck Woods

How do we choose the neck woods that we offer? We discuss the process in the video below!

Fretboard & Inlay

The PRS "birds" are one of the oldest and most iconic trademarks of our brand. Check out the story of the PRS birds and how we prepare our fretboards:

Body Build

Check out the original prototype PRS body as we compare it to today's body shape and discuss the process of making our guitar bodies!


Check us out on Facebook and stay tuned for the next "PRS Live" coverage!