Aqueous Plays All-Improv Set at Rochester Show

Posted Jun 06, 2019


If playing a four-hour, three-set show in front of a capacity crowd isn't enough, Aqueous slipped in 65-minutes of pure uninterrupted improvised material, all without saying a single word to each other.

If you are a fellow musician and have jumped into a jam with friends, you know two things: 1. how much fun this can be, and 2. how challenging it is to collectively improvise your way through a single, spur of the moment idea. Well...Aqueous did it for over an hour, wielding their PRS instruments of course.

Watch the all-improv set below, it begins at 1:15:56:

In an interview with JamBase, guitarist and PRS artist Mike Gantzer shared this about the experience:

"The improv set was one of my favorite experiences playing music, maybe ever! We kind of just said ‘f&^% it’ and decided not to discuss anything about it ahead of time in favor of creating something totally real and organic for (and with) the audience. With this being our first time ever doing this, we literally had no expectations, and it was re-affirming that there really is joy in the unknown, and the energy in the room was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!"