5 Things You Might See on a PRS Factory Tour

Posted Jan 05, 2024

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After a long wait, we are so excited to finally welcome you all back into our building for factory tours in 2024! If you are unsure whether or not to book a tour, or if you are just excited to see what's in store for you, we've compiled a handy list of our favorite things you might see during your visit to the PRS Factory.

See How Our Guitars Are Made Start to Finish

That's why you're coming here in the first place, isn't it? From Rough Cut to Final Assembly, our tour guides will give you an inside look at each step in the guitar making process, with time for questions of course!

West Street East Accessory Store

We have given our on-site gift shop a fresh new look to go along with plenty of PRS branded memorabilia, guitar gear, and more! Not to mention the 10% discount all visitors receive at the conclusion of your tour.

Interactive Zone

Also located inside the West Street East Store, show off your sick shredding skills, plucky fingerpicking, or jazzy jams at our interactive zone! This nook allows visitors to test out several different PRS models and all three of our pedals.

Learn About Historic PRS Guitars

On display along the walls of West Street East there is a selection of PRS archives on display, including the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and first guitar Paul ever made.

Have a Chance to Meet Paul!

There's no guarantees on this one, but we're not saying it won't happen! Paul remains active and involved in all of our processes, so he is frequently out and about within the factory helping us make sure we continue putting out the best guitars we can. If you see him, be sure to say hello!

Still need a bit more motivation to come visit? Then we've got to mention that all visitors will also receive a free gift at the end of their tour. You can schedule your very own tour here, we can't wait to show you around! Can't make it in person? That's ok, we would still love to give you an inside look at the factory with our virtual tour!