5 Reasons Why The SE 277 Should Be in Your Guitar Arsenal

Posted Feb 19, 2016

Behind The Gear

A few months ago, we introduced not one, but two new baritone models, the SE 277 and SE 277 Semi-Hollow!

The model names come from the 27.7” scale length, perfect for a well-balanced and comfortable string tension on the lower tunings. These baritones come tuned B to B and give you a whole new range of notes to play with.

We love these models so much that we think every working guitarist should not only give them a test run, but add one to their guitar arsenal. Below, we chat with Rich Hannon, an artist relations rep here at PRS who is a well-seasoned musician, studio engineer, and guitar junkie. Rich gives us some good perspective as to why the SE 277’s are a solid choice for a baritone guitar.

1. The SE 277 gives you a whole new spot in the mix.

RH: The SE 277 adds a certain texture and sonic element to a mix that only a baritone can achieve. The 277 is typically tuned B to B, but I also have one tuned to C# (drop B) that I use frequently in the studio. Regardless of what tuning you use, the 277 sits nicely in the lower register and doesn’t sound too dark or muddy.


2. Our SE 277’s handle a variety of genres flawlessly.

RH: Some people associate a baritone guitar with Hard Rock and Metal, which is cool, but I can’t begin to tell you how many Nashville players use our baritones. The 277 comes with either Soapbars (semi-hollow) or Humbuckers (solid body) - so whatever genre you play, both models yield creamy cleans and brutal overdriven tones with ease.


3. They rock straight into an amp or through a wet pedalboard.

RH: Personally, I’m not a big user of pedals, but if a song (or part) calls for it, I won’t hesitate to use them. For some reason, not all guitars take effects well, but the 277 is remarkably transparent when plugged into a pedalboard…it really does hold its own!


4. The PRS designed string-through bridge and PRS designed tuners are solid.

RH: Tuning stability is one of the most important things with any stringed instrument, period. Our bridge and tuning peg designs are second to none in my opinion. I don’t care if it’s an SE, S2, Core, or Private Stock model, our guitars stay in tune. I’ve always been a fan of string-through bridges, so when Paul designed this bridge several years ago, I was hooked. It’s essentially a hard-tail version of our patented tremolo bridge.


5. PRS quality at a great price.

RH: I don’t know if everyone knows this, but all of our SE models are inspected and set up here in our Maryland factory. It is extremely important that all of our instruments are gig and/or session ready the minute you or our artists open the case. That’s the PRS way… it’s what we do.


Take a closer look at the specs and videos for each of the SE 277 models below!

SE 277
Dual Humbucker “Tone Furnace” Pickups, Wide Fat Neck, String-Through Bridge


SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar
Soapbar Pickups, Chambered Body with F-Hole, String-Through Bridge


Next step, try one out! Find your nearest PRS dealer, here!