PTC - The Paul Reed Smith Tech Center (Video)

Posted Oct 25, 2010

As luthiers and technicians with 50+ years of combined PRS experience, the Paul Reed Smith Tech Center team loves their craft and gives every guitar they touch an equal level of attention and care. Carlos Santana’s guitar is tweaked and updated by the same talented technicians who are breathing new life into every PTC guitar, and their work is meticulous. Whether it is an electronic or body modification, update, fix, or tweak, they do it all, and they do it all really well. From 20-year PRS veteran Scott who handles the most challenging broken necks, refrets and strips to the extremely detailed color, refinish and ding repairs performed by Tim, all guitars are treated like prized musical possessions along every step in the PTC process. Knowing that artists and customers can trust PRS gives Paul and the team great pride. PRS is also thrilled to finally be able to make this happen – giving customer the peace of mind that the value of their instruments are being protected by the one and only authorized PRS service center. Look and listen as Paul Reed Smith personally introduces you to Scott, Lenny, James, Shawn and Tim, the master technicians and craftsman that make up the PTC team.