PRS Private Stock March Guitar of the Month: Maple Top Singlecut Archtop

Posted Mar 09, 2016

PRS Guitars Private Stock is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year with the return to the program that started it all: Guitars of the Month. Each month in 2016, the Private Stock team will deliver a unique design in limited numbers, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship and exquisite materials that define Private Stock.

The March Guitar of the Month is the Maple Top Singlecut Archtop. Based on Private Stock’s Singlecut Archtop model, which was released with the 2016 model year line up, the Maple Top Singlecut Archtop delivers tone, playability, and elegance with a new aesthetic and tone while keeping the exceptional resonance and articulation of the spruce top model. Like PRS acoustics, the back and sides of the Archtop are “locked down” while the top is left to vibrate freely. The top’s integral, parallel bracing further support the instrument’s build integrity and resonance; while the guitar’s Private Stock aluminum bronze bridge with brass saddles and solid ebony tailpiece further support the instrument’s woody depth and richness without sacrificing articulation.

Only six of these instruments will be made for March 2016, commemorating Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary. For full specifications and to hear the Maple Top Singlecut Archtop in action, please visit, For more information on the Guitars of the Month program or the Singlecut Archtop model, please visit

The original Guitars of the Month were cased between December 1994 and March 1996. They provided the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and led directly to the creation of the Private Stock program, with the first “official” Private Stock instrument casing on April 19, 1996.

“At the time [1996], the original Guitars of the Month program was a way for us to experiment with new designs and features. To this day, that innovation and specialization is still at the heart of the Private Stock program, and we are very excited to try out some new ideas for our 20th Anniversary this year,” said Paul Reed Smith, PRS Guitars founder and Managing General Partner.