PRS Guitars Announces New Classic Series Cables to Complement Signature Series Line

Posted Jun 18, 2019

PRS Guitars is proud to introduce a more affordable line of instrument, patch, and speaker cables with the brand new PRS Guitars Classic Series Cable lineup. As part of an ongoing effort to offer a greater variety of accessories, PRS has added this new assortment to complement the already popular Signature Series cable line made by Van Damme Cabling in London, England.

“Cables are a significant part of your tone. You want them to sound great, be tangle-free, noise-free, and reliable. I use PRS Signature Series cables for every gig and session,” said Paul Reed Smith. “We worked through nine prototype rounds throughout the course of a year to make sure the Classic Series cables were right in line with them.”

PRS Guitars offers a full range of instrument, patch, and speaker cables. All PRS Cables are RoHS compliant and come with a lifetime warranty.

PRS Signature Series Cables

PRS Signature Series instrument and patch cables feature carefully tuned capacitance, designed specifically to carry a clear, musical signal from your guitar. The cables’ tight construction and dual screens of conductive thermoplastic and close-lapped copper ensure flexible, noise free handling and excellent noise rejection, and all connectors utilize a no wear, no corrode hermetically sealed reed switch, making this cable ideal onstage and in the studio. Available configurations include 6” (patch), 5’, 10’, 18’, 25’ lengths. Straight to Straight and Straight to Right-Angle connectors as well as “regular” and “silent” ends available.

PRS Signature Series speaker cable conductors employ fine stranding for ultimate flexibility and their oxygen-free copper provides outstanding sonic integrity. PRS Signature Series Speaker Cables reliably cater to the recording studio, rehearsal space, onstage performances, and presentation environments.

PRS Signature Series cables are hand-made in London, England by VanDamme Cabling. Van Damme cables are used by the likes of Radiohead, Abbey Road Studios, Coldplay, The Foo Fighters, and more. PRS has been distributing Van Damme cables in the US since 2011.

PRS Classic Series Cables

Brand new to PRS, Classic Series Cables are a surprisingly affordable option for serious players. PRS spent a year prototyping this new cable offering, tweaking eight or nine rounds of samples before landing on the final specifications.

PRS Classic Series instrument cables feature carefully tuned capacitance, designed specifically for excellent signal clarity. The cables’ spiral-shielding provides flexibility and durability for low handling noise, making them an excellent choice on stage and in the studio. PRS Classic Series cable ends come with wrapped solder joints under the barrel for added strength and durability. Available configurations include 6” (patch), 5’, 10’, 18’, 25’ lengths. Straight to Straight and Straight to Right-Angle connectors.

“Working to expand and refresh the PRS cable assortment has been a fantastic journey. We are proud to now offer a professional cable option for players of all levels and styles,” said David Settimi, PRS Guitars Accessories Product Manager. “We are excited to have more and more players turn to PRS when they need a cable for their signal chain.”


PRS Signature and Classic Series cables can be found at any Authorized PRS Dealer and through the PRS West Street East Accessory Store online and at the Maryland factory.