PRS Announces the Experience PRS 2012 Swamp Ash Studio Multi-Foil Limited Run Electric Guitar

Posted Sep 14, 2012

In 1985, PRS made a small number of guitars with painted pinstripes dubbed “metal guitars.” The second generation in this theme, made in the later 1980’s, used a metallic color coat and was dubbed “Multi-Metal.” While the finish was still wet, it was blotted with a latex glove to give the guitars a more textured and interesting finish. These guitars are a notable part of PRS history.

To honor that history, forty “Swamp Ash Studio Multi-Foil” guitars were made for Experience PRS 2012, again using a metallic color coat that is blotted to give each finish individual character.

The Swamp Ash Studio is an updated take on a single-single-hum guitar with PRS’s proprietary Narrowfield pickups in the middle and bass positions and a 57/08 humbucker treble pickup. This pickup configuration is paired with a 5-way blade switch, making this an extremely versatile guitar that is perfect for the studio or the stage. The swamp ash body provides clear bell-like highs, pronounced mids, and strong lows, and the bolt-on neck is lightly sealed for a natural, comfortable feel. For the nostalgia, the tone, and just because they look cool, these guitars are not to be missed.

This run of instruments is comprised of five multi-foil colors: Aqua-Foil, Desert-Foil, Franken-Foil, Happy-Foil, and Solar-Foil. A special thanks to Paul Boyd in the Finish Hall for embracing the project – the Finish Team had fun with these! Check them out at