Premier Guitar's '89 CE Gets The PTC Treatment

Posted Feb 06, 2013

From Premier Guitar - March 2013:

"About four years ago, a good friend of mine—a collector of art and firearms—called to ask if I’d ever heard of a “Pairs” guitar. From time to time, this friend reaches out if he runs across a guitar in one of the many obscure auction sites he frequents. Naturally, I was puzzled. As a lifelong guitar enthusiast, how could I have missed these rare—and apparently valuable—Pairs guitars?

To help me understand what he was talking about, he directed me to an auction website where, amongst lots of old furniture and artwork, there was a listing for a “PRS Guitar (autographed).”

After breathing a sigh of relief that there wasn’t some obscurely amazing brand of guitars I’d somehow been oblivious to all these years, I had to chuckle at my friend’s innocence.

But wait—it gets funnier."

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