Pickup Some Pickups

Limited PTC Pickup Offer

Posted Mar 20, 2012

For a limited time, PTC customers will be able to purchase an additional set of 59/09 or 53/10 pickups when purchasing a pickup set and installation through the PTC.

This is the only time either of these pickup sets have been available on the open market.

Here is how it works: Send your guitar in to the PTC for a set of 57/08, 59/09 or 53/10 pickups and you can purchase an additional set of 59/09 or 53/10 pickups.

The loose pickups will be boxed and placed inside the guitar case when your guitar is returned to you. The price is $400 for the set.

59/09 – Uncovered, nickel or gold pole pieces. Compatible with a 5 way switch or push/pull tone pot.

53/10- Shiny nickel or gold covers. Compatible with a push/pull tone pot.

Details will be noted on the work order form at the time the appointment is made.

For more on the PTC or to create work order, visit: www.prsguitars.com/ptc