Paul Reed Smith Guitars Awards for Excellence in Service

Posted Feb 06, 2020

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, one of the largest full-time private employers in Queen Anne’s County, celebrated milestones in service for 44 PRS Employees on Friday, December 13th. Employees with Five Years of Service, Ten Years of Service, Fifteen Years of Service, Twenty Years of Service, Twenty-Five Years of Service and Thirty Years of Service were celebrated with plaques and gifts. In addition, Perfect Attendance awards were given to twenty-two PRS employees who had between one and eighteen years of perfect attendance. Paul Reed Smith Guitars employs 364 full time employees. To see available job postings, please visit: Five Years of Service Awards Back to Front: Graham Hutchins, Nate Costello, Dave Carty, Keith Anderson, Joey Garrity, Mark Whitmire, Phil Eames, Kat DeLee, Michael Sondheimer, Jay Wills, Thomas Wright, Brandon Nielsen, Buddy Horney, Glenn Williams, Vincent Ernest, Brandy Bouchat, Andrew Dorbin, Travis Guare, Nick Seckler and (Paul Smith) Ten Years of Service Awards Left to Right: Casey Hesgard, Martina Hernandez, (Paul Smith), and Frances Brown Fifteen Years of Service Awards Left to right: Jim Deemer, Shawn Serrels, (Paul Smith), Jon Wasserman, Meghan Efland and Steve Danielson Twenty Years of Service Awards Left to right: Lorn Phillips, Jeff Mitchell, Jason Ammann, (Paul Smith), Veronika Kirkpatrick, Rich Schaefer, Jeff Marolda and Bill Oertel Twenty-Five Years of Service Awards Left to Right: JJ Honkus, (Paul Smith) and Matt Eriza Thirty Years of Service Awards Left to Right: Mike Gaitley, Russell Hoffman, (Chuck Hurley in photograph), (Paul Smith), Winn Krozack and Tim McClaeb