New Pickups and Streamlined Options for PRS Guitars 2017 S2 Series

Posted Nov 18, 2016

PRS Guitars introduced the S2 Series in the summer of 2013. All S2 instruments are made at PRS’s Maryland, USA factory and look and feel great right out of the box or with the scars and bruises of a cross-country tour. Considered one of the company’s most significant product launches, the S2 Series has drawn the attention of countless artists and players (in part by attaching a new, welcome price tag to PRS guitars).

What do artists have to say?

“The Mira is a good-looking, great-sounding, excellent-playing little workhorse and has quickly grown to be one of those guitars I look forward to even just having slung around my back,” Jana Hunter, Lower Dens

“When you’re on the road every day, it takes a toll on your gear, These guitars are by far the best I have used PERIOD! Day in and day out my S2 Custom 24 performs as it should. I beat this thing to death, and it still stays in tune and sounds amazing!” David Whitaker, Another Lost Year

“PRS guitars are made with love and you can feel it when you play them. They are also made with an incredible understanding or what makes a great guitar. The Vela is a great rock guitar. It can do scuzz, fuzz, psych, punk, whatever you want, and it also can scream some insane leads I can’t get enough of this axe!,” Michael Gibbons, Bardo Pond

“If the Vela had been made in the 1950’s, it would be considered as classic as the Stratocaster,” Walker Teret, Lower Dens

The 2017 S2 Series from PRS Guitars is featuring new 85/15 “S” pickups on all Custom and Standard (double-cutaway) models. 85/15 “S” pickups are modeled after the 85/15 pickups Paul Reed Smith designed for PRS’s 30th Anniversary and offer remarkable clarity and extended high and low end.

If PRS trademark birds are a must, pay attention to this last announcement. Inlay options are also being updated for 2017, with all-mahogany models in the S2 Series (Standards, Mira, Starla, and Vela) now solely offered with dot inlays.

Birds or dots, maple top or all-mahogany...check out the full line of S2 Series instruments HERE.