Introducing the 509 Model from PRS Guitars

Posted Nov 18, 2016

One of the most versatile guitars in the PRS Core line up, the 509 starts with a 5 single coil platform – with the outside four coils grouped as humbuckers. The addition of the 509’s innovative switching system (a 5-way blade switch and two mini-toggle coil-tap switches), gives players an array of humbucking, singlecoil, and blended tones. Players familiar with PRS will recognize this as a marriage of the company’s 513 and 408 models that celebrates the best of those two models in one guitar.

The 509 was first introduced as a Private Stock Guitar of the Month in May 2016 for the custom shop’s 20th Anniversary year. Additional appointments include a longer 25.25” scale length, which adds some upper harmonic sparkle, and the PRS Gen III Patented Tremolo. The PRS Gen III Patented Tremolo maintains the functionality and incorporation of brass and unplated components of PRS’s tremolo, but also has some notable updates that further support the fidelity of the guitar’s tone and maximize sustain. Updates include redesigned mounting screws with larger thread and a larger custom head. This update increases the mass of the screw by 50% and creates 32% more contact from the screw to the guitar’s body, notably increasing the harmonics and sustain of the guitar. Groves have also been added to the bridge plate that match the saddle height adjustment screws’ radius, again for more contact between the components.

“The 509 is a "Swiss-army-knife" five pickup/nine sound instrument with a highly-usable switching system that has evolved in recent years through experimentation, feedback, and experience. I believe the 509 will feel right at home to players who want a longer 25.25” scale guitar with this pickup configuration, but also want several more musical sounds,” said Paul Reed Smith.

For full specifications and video, click here!