In Memory of Bugs Henderson

Posted Mar 09, 2012

It is with sadness that I share some personal news. Yesterday, we lost Bugs Henderson, the “Father of Guitar in Dallas, TX.” Bugs’ passing is complicated. He’s my friend, he’s the person, along with Jimmy Wallace, who walked PRS Guitars in to the vintage guitar and Texas guitar market. He told me he would help me for the rest of his life and literally inked the deal on his arm. There was never a harsh word between us. All he ever said was “I love ya man” and “How can I help you?” He had a huge heart, great sense of humor, highly intelligent and a gifted musician. The truth is, he was an astonishing guitar player and today we lost a big soul and a father figure. It saddens me to think that I won’t get to hear him play again and to think of how Patty and his family are hurting. The Henderson family and friends are my family. – Paul Reed Smith