Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti - Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Creed

One of the longest-tenured signature artists in the history of PRS Guitars, Mark Tremonti has been a staple of our artist roster for decades. He is one of our first and only endorsees to have signature Core and SE models in addition to a growing family of amplifiers. Throughout the course of his career, Mark has not only cemented his position as a world-class guitarist and vocalist, but also as a nuanced songwriter. His savage, polished and instantly recognizable style has left a lasting influence on the sonic architecture of modern heavy music. A founding member of the Grammy-award winning, multiplatinum band Creed, Mark is equally well known for his work in Alter Bridge and his own solo group Tremonti. Mark’s work ethic and dedication to his craft are the stuff of legend, always willing to push himself beyond his comfort zone in the pursuit of his art. Read our interview with Mark below.


PRS: The long-anticipated release of the MT 100 has been met with considerable excitement, what most excites you about your new signature amplifier?

Mark: It takes the best of everything I have at my home studio and packages it into one 3 channel amp that I am able to take on the road around the world!

PRS: Naturally, there is a lot that goes into the launch of a signature amplifier. How did the development of the MT 100 differ from that of the MT 15?

Mark: I was able to tour with different prototypes around the world and dial in more & more with each tour. The addition of the 3rd channel took additional years of R&D to get it just right.

PRS: The recent reunification of Creed has also caused quite a stir. Many fans have been vocal about this for years, but have you been surprised by the scale of the response?

Mark: The response since the announcement of the tour has blown us all away. Its been so exciting to watch the Rangers and the Vikings use our music to rally the teams.

PRS: You’ve been putting the MT 100 through its paces for some time already. How has it enhanced your experience out on the road?

Mark: This is the first amp that I have been able to use exclusively. In the past I always had to use a combination of amps at once to get my desired tone, now I am able to just use this amp!

Mark Tremonti on Tour

PRS: Just in time for the holidays, Mark Tremonti Sings Christmas Classics New and Old has just been released. What was your inspiration for this record, was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Mark: I have always loved the holiday season and Christmas songs. Once I recorded the Sinatra record it opened the door for me to chase down this kind of project. Any chance I get to get back into the studio with these incredible musicians, I am going to take it!

PRS: Your relationship with PRS has birthed both celebrated guitars and amplifiers. What has been the most fulfilling aspect of being a PRS Signature Artist for so many years?

Mark: I continue to feel honored to be able to put my personal touch and name on such amazing instruments / amps.

Mark Tremonti on Tour

PRS: Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, what’s next for Alter Bridge and Tremonti?

Mark: New albums, new tours as always! We've got lots more in store!

PRS: What do you love the most about your Signature PRS guitars?

Mark: The feel, it just feels like home.


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