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Marcos Curiel - P.O.D.

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An avid PRS player throughout his career, Marcos Curiel’s relationship with Paul Reed Smith Guitars spans well over two decades. Though he is primarily known as the lead guitarist and co-founding member of the Grammy nominated SoCal metal band P.O.D., Marcos is also an accomplished songwriter and producer. Outside of P.O.D. he has played guitar for The Accident Experiment, Daylight Division, and his own progressive instrumental side-project For3ign Landz.

Below, enjoy our Q&A with Marcos - learn about his favorite PRS gear, and read about his latest musical projects!


PRS: Over the years, we have built you a few unique guitars including two JA15 archtops. What initially attracted you to this relatively rare model and do you use them within the context of heavy music?

MC: Well, 1st & foremost. The JA15 is probably one of the sexiest guitars ever built. Ever since I laid eyes on it. I knew I had to have it. And once I played it, it affirmed everything I had expectation wise. A beautiful guitar. With beautiful tone. That handled & played amazing. I do incorporate it within heavy music but mainly for sweet clean breakdowns. I absolutely love them.

Marcos Curiel P.O.D.

PRS: You also have a Singlecut with an incredible tattoo inspired paint job, what is the story behind that guitar?

MC: I’m a huge fan of art in general. All forms of art. And when I got the opportunity to get custom art on a guitar of mine. I jumped at the opportunity to get something that I was going to love and wanted to showcase worldwide. So, I asked my good friend Chuy Espinoza; artist extraordinaire, painter and tattoo artist if he’d be interested in partnering up with me on a guitar. He jumped at the chance and the rest is history. It’s art that is conceptualized by things that are really personal to me culturally, spiritually, and with regards to my familia. It’s definitely a one of a kind and I’m forever grateful for it.

PRS: P.O.D. is just wrapping up a trilogy of "Satellite Over Southtown" livestreams, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Satellite. What are the band’s plans for the future?

MC: We are very privileged and honored to have been able to partner up with the San Diego Padre organization and Petco Park. Considering the state of the world and the pandemic, we felt that this was a perfect opportunity for us to stream three concerts for our Fanbase worldwide. The first one/set was the Satellite album from beginning to end. The second one, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown from beginning to end. And the third set, a set of rarities and B-sides that we don’t normally play live and that we have not played in over 20 years, or ever. It all started because it’s the 20th anniversary of our release Satellite so we plan on celebrating the Satellite album for the next year, and touring the globe playing that record from beginning to end (with of course other tunes). So we plan on rocking and rolling worldwide. Tour, tour, tour!

Marcos Curiel P.O.D

PRS: Have there been any significant changes to your stage rig since the last time P.O.D. was out on the road?

MC: Not much has changed. I’m very old school and I know what it is I like. I do like to try new things, but as far as using new stuff live at a show, I have to be 100%, so until then, I stick with what I know. There is a saying, if it ain’t broke don’t change it. I am always experimenting and trying new things though, and I do have an open mind about certain things when it comes to live music. Then again if I did maybe I wouldn’t tell you. LOL.

PRS: Tell us a little about For3ign Landz, your instrumental side project. Do you intend to release any music or tour?

MC: Yes! It’s always fun to start new projects. The ultimate goal is always to release music. It’s just a matter of time, effort, and being comfortable with what you release. So, yes, we definitely plan on releasing music in the near future. For3ign Landz is just another shade/color of me as a musician and guitar player. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

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