Kylie Miller

Kylie Miller - The Beaches

Kylie Miller is a co-founding member and lead guitarist of the acclaimed Canadian rock band The Beaches. The JUNO winning group have just taken home their second award for Best Rock Album, after being named Breakthrough Group of The Year in 2018. The Beaches take their name from the Toronto neighborhood where the majority of its members, Kylie, her sister Jordan (bass) and Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums) all grew up. Established in 2013, The Beaches formed following the dissolution of a predecessor group, Done With Dolls, when Leandra Earl (keys / guitar) joined the lineup. Since then, the band have gone on to amass fans across their native Canada and beyond.


PRS: Congratulations on The Beaches recent JUNO award for Rock Album of the Year. Has that recognition and exposure opened up any new opportunities for you?

Kylie: Thank you so much! It feels like an incredible honour for us to have received the JUNO for rock album of the year. Rock tends to be a very male dominated genre so to have won the award as an all female band feels like a great accomplishment and also a sign that the diversity of the genre is changing for the better.

PRS: In another career milestone, The Beaches recently headlined their first festival at Tall Pines. Was that a new experience compared to a typical gig?

Kylie: Tall Pines was an incredible experience for us. We used to be the first band to play at festivals and to have officially headlined really shows how much we’ve grown the last few years in our career. It definitely felt nice to have our own trailer and time to soundcheck - such luxuries!


PRS: The Beaches are currently wrapping up the Future Lovers Tour across Canada, what’s next on the band’s agenda?

Kylie: We are releasing some new music soon, starting with our new single "Grow Up Tomorrow" which comes out July 20th. We also are playing some shows and festivals in the states which we’re so excited about.

PRS: We’ve been seeing you perform most regularly with your Frost Silver Sky and Sugar Moon Fiore, which one is your current go-to instrument?

Kylie: I love both guitars so much but definitely gravitate to the Fiore. I love that you have the ability to switch from the single coil and humbucker pickups.


PRS: Is the band currently working on any new material, perhaps a follow-up to the Future Lovers EP?

Kylie: Yes! We’ve been in the studio nonstop writing up a storm. We’ll be releasing some new songs this summer into the fall. Can’t wait for the fans to hear what we’ve been working on!