Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson


New York native Kevin Wilson is a well-seasoned player, bringing over forty-five years of experience to both the studio and stage. Kevin is an internationally recognized player in the Gospel, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues communities and known for his distinctive phrasing style. He is also a highly regarded music educator, mentoring novices and touring professionals alike. Kevin has collaborated with many high-profile artists over the years including Big Daddy Kane, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and Grammy award winner Shirley Caesar.


PRS: Can you recall your first experience playing a PRS guitar? What model was it and where were you?

KW: My first experience playing a PRS guitar was in the 90’s I brought a Swamp Ash Special. I called it my Swiss army guitar…. That guitar could cover everything I threw at it!

PRS: What are currently the go-to PRS guitars in your arsenal?

KW: The two guitars I never leave home without is my PRS Custom 22 & John Mayer Silver Sky, but If I can only bring one, gotta grab my gold top DGT!!!


PRS: You have been hosting a series of Guitar Quartet Bootcamps online, can you tell us a little bit about your six-week program?

KW: I’m currently hosting a series called Quartet Guitar Bootcamp! I named it that because my foundation in music is quartet, but the information shared in this course transcend across all genres. It’s a six-week course that covers everything from basic music theory to music history. When students leave bootcamp they have a better all-around understanding.


PRS: Are there any up-and-coming guitarists, specifically in the gospel and rhythm and blues communities that have caught your attention recently?

KW: There are some amazing young guitarist that have blown me away such as Chris Payton - I call him my nephew!!! Justus West, Travis Calvin, Steven Dukes, Landon Jordan and Christone Ingram aka Kingfish all are amazing guitarists.

PRS: Are you currently working any new projects that we should keep an eye out for?

KW: Be on the lookout for my project EKG to be released 2022.