Jonathan Jourdan

Jonathan Jourdan - Mammoth WVH

Images: Chuck Brueckmann

Jonathan Jourdan is a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist based in Galveston, Texas. In 2021, Jon began touring as a live guitarist with Mammoth WVH. Jon has also performed as a live guitarist in Clint Lowery’s (Sevendust) solo project and is the chief songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for the alternative metal band To Whom It May. In 2022, To Whom It May released their sophomore album, Olympian Gossip.


PRS: How did you land the gig with Mammoth WVH?

Jonathan: I first heard about Mammoth WVH in 2019 through the small clips Wolf posted online from his studio. I instantly loved everything about it and reached out just to let him know what I thought. In early 2020, I was out on tour with Clint Lowery’s solo project supporting his album God Bless The Renegades. Wolf happened to record all of the drums and half of the bass on that album. So, when we rolled through LA on tour, Wolf came out to see the show. We caught up, had a great hang, and 3 years later here we are!

PRS: It was recently announced that Mammoth WVH will accompany Alter Bridge for the remainder of the Pawns and Kings tour. What’s next for the band once that wraps up?

Jonathan: We have a really amazing year planned. We’ll be headed back out with the guys in Alter Bridge, Sevendust will be on that run as well, so it will be a great time! Then we’ll continue joining Metallica through 2024 for the 72 Seasons world tour. It’s surreal and we’re really excited about everything ahead of us!


PRS: When did you initially encounter the PRS brand and do you remember the first time you played one of our guitars?

Jonathan: I first noticed PRS in the early 2000s. A lot of the guitarists I was into played PRS guitars. At my local guitar shop, I would drool over the PRS guitars hanging on the wall behind the counter. One day, a friend that worked at that shop insisted I try a used Custom 22 they picked up in a trade. I fell in love with everything about it and knew I had to buy it. I still have that guitar and it still plays like a dream.

PRS: What do you love the most about your PRS guitars?

Jonathan: They have so much personality, both tonally and aesthetically. It’s an inspiring instrument to play and create with!


PRS: Is there anything in the works with your other project, To Whom It May?

Jonathan: We’re deep into writing the follow up to our last album, Olympian Gossip. It’s been a quiet but busy year for us. All the new tunes are slowly coming together nicely!

PRS: When you’re not touring, what are some things you like to do in your free time?

Jonathan: Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the next TWIM record. I’m really looking forward to sharing these new songs!