Germán Gallardo

Germán Gallardo - José Madero

Germán Gallardo is a Mexican-born guitarist, producer, and sound engineer, most well-known for his long running collaboration with singer José Madero. Germán holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and his formal musical training includes study at Berklee Latino in Mexico City and Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. As a guitarist he has toured extensively throughout Central and South America, as a producer he has recorded music in his own studio for other artists, agencies, and businesses alike. Germán is also a published author and guitar instructor.


PRS: Following the wildly successful Giallo Fantastique Tour, José Madero recently announced a Giallo Fantastique II show in 2023. Can we anticipate this expanding into a full-blown follow up tour?

Germán: It has been a great tour so far! The show at Auditorio Nacional, which is one of Mexico’s most iconic venues, was sold out. We have several dates coming up this year including a hometown show at the Arena Monterrey and many more cities. I’m really looking forward to it. With that said, I can see this unfolding into a full blown tour for sure. I can’t say much yet, but we have many more cities and countries to visit in 2023. José’s management is working very hard and we are very thankful for the support the audience has given us.

Germán Gallardo PRS Featured Artist

PRS: Speaking of José Madero, are there plans for a sixth studio album in the works?

Germán: Great question. I think it’s a matter of time. With 5 albums released in 6 years, plus 8 singles and other collaborations it’s safe to say that there’s always something in the works with José. I think there’s an EP in the pipeline before the sixth album. It’s part of the fun of being involved in project like this, it keeps you focused. You have to be ready either for a new show or release. Often times it’s both.

PRS: Which of your PRS guitars has been seeing the most action these days?

Germán: I got to test the Silver Sky SE on the road earlier this year and it worked amazing with my setup and the sound of the band, it’s currently tuned to Eb for a few songs. However, my gold top McCarty 594 Hollowbody II is my number one at the moment. Since you guys sent the guitar I just blended with that instrument. It has a clarity and punch that makes it present but a sweetness to the sound that is very pleasant. I’ve received very good feedback from our FOH engineer and production staff. Also both guitars are super reliable regarding tuning stability. My DGT and Tungsten Silver Sky are essential to my studio work as well. Thank you PRS for your support.

Germán Gallardo PRS Featured Artist

PRS: Outside of your work as a guitarist, have you been working on any new projects as a producer or sound engineer?

Germán: Yes! Currently, I’m producing and mixing the upcoming EP of singer-songwriter Jimena Gallardo, who happens to be my sister. It’s been a lot of fun and a completely different approach. I’m really honored when an artist confides their songs to me. Also, I’m in the middle of writing original songs for a future release and a guitar course. Finally, there’s an upcoming podcast in Spanish which I’m co-producing with PRS Pulse Artist Jose Pablo Garcia which I think it’s going to be interesting for all the guitar players out there. Be on the lookout for that as well.

PRS: What artists have you been listening to the most in your down time lately?

Germán: I’ve been listening a lot to Ariel Posen’s latest EP “Downtown” and Fearless Flyers “III” which features Mark Lettieri. Both have such great songs and playing! Also, I revisited “Songs for the Deaf” by Queens of the Stone Age and most recently “DECIDE” by Djo which is just out.

Germán Gallardo PRS Featured Artist