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Dustie Waring is a Nashville based musician and rhythm / lead guitarist for the American progressive metal band, Between the Buried and Me. The band, known for their technical grooves, have an incredible ability to seamlessly transform styles from thick guitar riffs to lush soundscapes. The band's latest release, Automata was a two-part studio album and reached #1 in the US Independent Albums chart.

Dustie has been an avid PRS endorser for many years and released a core Limited Edition Custom 24 "Floyd" in 2014. Four years later in 2018, PRS unveiled a Limited Edition CE "Floyd" model with Dustie. Now for 2020, the DW CE 24 "Floyd" is back, new and improved, and a full-time PRS production model.


PRS: Thinking back to first picking up the guitar, how surreal is it to now have your own signature instrument?

DW: It’s amazing. Like I’ve said before, it’s the highest honor for me and I did my best to put out a super versatile guitar that I can be proud to have my name on. Being able to work with PRS Guitars for all these years has been such a blessing.

PRS: Was the process of designing your signature guitar straightforward, or were features added and omitted along the way?

DW: I think you always start with a core model and customize it as you go. Move things around and make it exactly what your dream guitar would be spec wise. We changed a lot with my model and it stands out from anything PRS offers.

PRS: Have there been any significant additions to, or subtractions from your touring and studio rigs recently?

DW: My live rig hasn’t changed much lately because I’ve got it super dialed in. I will alternate guitars here and there just to make sure they all get some love. Heh, I’m currently in Europe and have been playing my Waring burst and my gray black mainly. Really looking forward to playing the Black Top, it may be my favorite.

PRS: What are you currently listening to the most in your down time? Be it artist, album, or genre.

DW: To be honest, I’m listening to more podcasts than anything. Joe Rogan has some really informative, great episodes. I’m really into comedy so I’ve listened to about everything Bill Burr has done. When you’re playing for 2 hours every night, you need a break from music. It’s nice just to listen to people talking about interesting and funny subjects.

PRS: What’s the one thing you’ve learned on the road, you wish you knew on your first tour?

DW: I would’ve always been active and exercised. Lots of stretching and not eating bad food. Your body will fall apart pretty fast if you’re not taking care of yourself. Years of loading gear and head banging is super hard on you. Other than that, I think I’ve had a solid ride.

PRS: Is Between the Buried and Me currently working on new material for a follow up to Automata I & II?

DW: We will start writing once we finish this tour cycle. Our next Co-headliner with Chon will be our final tour on the Automata cycle.

PRS: Following the success of the Colors 10th Anniversary Tour, has any consideration been given to doing a run celebrating 15 years of Alaskain 2020?

DW: Honestly, we haven’t thought much about it. We’ve already got the general idea for the next two years laid out so we’re running with that. Lots of fun stuff in the works.

PRS: PRS: Between the Buried and Me has just embarked on a special European tour, featuring two career spanning sets each night. Any chance this show will come to the States in 2020?

DW: We’ll see what the future holds.


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