Dany Villarreal

Dany Villarreal - The Warning


Daniela "Dany" Villarreal is the lead guitarist and vocalist for Mexican power trio, The Warning. The band, consisting of Dany and her sisters Paulina (drums) and Alejandra (bass) initially rose to prominence after their cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” went viral back in 2014. That clip has since racked up well over twenty-three million views on YouTube. Capitalizing on that momentum, The Warning began writing original material and have since produced three studio albums and one EP. The band has just kicked off the “Mayday Tour” in support of their latest release.


PRS: How did you initially discover PRS, and what are currently your favorite models?

Dany: I initially discovered PRS guitars through friends of mine who used them! Specifically, Lula Bertoldi from the band Eruca Sativa and then later when our producer David Bendeth told me to really try one for myself… and I did, THERE WAS NO GOING BACK! I cannot describe how good it felt to have this guitar in my hands, it was just meant to be. And my favorite model has to be the one I use which is the Custom 24-08, but I also own a couple of Custom 24’s.

PRS: Who are some of the guitarists who have had the biggest influence on your own playing?

Dany: There are many guitarists who I look up to, but those who have influenced my own way of playing and writing have to be mainly Matt Bellamy from Muse and the one and only David Gilmore! Also, having David Bendeth produce our most recent album helped me grow and understand a lot more of myself as a guitarist.


PRS: Was starting a band with your sisters always part of the plan, or something that developed after you seriously got into music?

Dany: Starting a band with my sisters was never a plan actually. Funny enough it just happened! We all loved music individually and learned to play the instruments we liked… and one day we just thought it’d be fun to play together, and it was! We have been doing so ever since.

PRS: The Warning is about to embark on the “Mayday Tour” throughout the first half of 2022, what’s next for the band after the tour wraps up?

Dany: Yes! We are finally going on tour after these last 2 years! We miss the energy of live performance more than anything! We are very happy and grateful to be able to get this Mayday Tour going! After that the fun isn’t over! We have various big rock festivals lined up throughout the year in the US and some dates Canada! We’ll be playing as much as we can.


PRS: Is the band currently working on any new music? We would love to hear a new album or EP this year!

Dany: We are always working on new music, you never know when we might surprise you with some new tracks, hehe. Still our new EP “Mayday” is out, and the second half of it will be out when you least expect it, but it is ready… so look out!