Tony McManus Releases New EP, 'Travelling Still'

Posted Jul 26, 2021


Tony McManus Releases New EP, 'Travelling Still'

Acoustic virtuoso Tony McManus has just released Travelling Still, a brand-new EP recorded with his partner, multi-instrumentalist Julia Toaspern. Travelling Still features five inspired renditions of traditional tunes from Canada and across the European continent. Recorded in Ontario, the record includes folk music from Quebec, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, and the Brittany region of France. In an era of restricted mobility, Travelling Still is a welcome celebration of travel and the freedom that comes along with it.

Travelling Still Track List:

1. Mairin de Barra/Miller of Droghan/Fleur de Mandragore/La Rachoudine

2. Inventio Nr. 10/The Omnibus

3. Laudate dominum in sanctis eius

4. Boules et Guirlandes/Andro PSG/Gavotte ar Menez/Boules et Guirlandes

5. West Clare Reel/Achonry Lasses/The Repeal of the Union


Stream and download the digital album, here.