The Top 10 New Releases of 2015!

Posted Dec 30, 2015

Behind The Gear

As 2015 rapidly draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on the nearly two dozen new products we’ve added to our lineup in the past year! New guitars were added to our SE, S2, Core, and Private Stock lines, as well as a slew of 30th Anniversary guitars we built to celebrate this milestone year. Last week we took a “Look Back at Our 30th Anniversary Offerings,” today we’ll pick our Top 10 New Releases of 2015 (non-anniversary models.. yeah, we cheated a bit)!

10. New S2 Metallic Colors - Egyptian Gold & Ice Blue Firmest


After months of prototyping and perfecting, we dropped these two new colors for our mahogany S2 guitars. These look great on stage and we’ve gotten wonderful feedback from our artists and their fans!

If you’d like an inside look at how these colors came to be and how we spray them, check out this blog post!

9. Private Stock Singlecut Archtop


Jazz cats, this one’s for you. We’ve adopted some new techniques in crafting these special Singlecut Archtops and the result is a transparency and warmth that’s hard to ignore.

We brought two talented jazz musicians in for a demo and conversation with Paul, you can check out that video HERE.

8. P245 Semi-Hollow


For those familiar with our Singlecut 245, the P245 adds a Piezo to the mix to give you acoustic and electric tones with the flip of a mini-toggle. Keeping in tradition with our pride in quality and innovation, we make a number of these piezo guitars: the P245, P22, and P24. If you’re noticing a theme, the “P” stands for piezo! Two of our other models, the Hollowbody II and Singlecut Hollowbody II also come equipped with a piezo as well!

To see the piezo in action, check out this video with a great electric/acoustic loop HERE.

7. SE Standards


Okay, we grouped these together…but for good reason! To date, the SE Standards are the most affordable PRS instruments ever offered. All three mahogany guitars have a warm, transparent tone.. and feel great!

And…of course we have videos for them, check out the SE Standard 245 HERE.

6. SE Alex Lifeson


We teamed up with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson to create a wonderful sounding acoustic at a great price point. This guitar joins the A10E and the recently added SE A20E and SEA30E to create the SE family of acoustic guitars!


5. SE Baritones - SE 277 & SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar


If you’ve ever wanted a fresh place in the jam session, pull out one of these SE Baritones and we’re sure your friends will be impressed. With a 27.7” scale length and B to B tuning, you’ll have no problem creating a whole new sound texture with these instruments.

Check out this demo, it’s great!

4. 58/15 LTD


Our core line of USA-made instruments have always pushed the boundaries for innovation and the 58/15 LTD is no exception. It boasts our new 58/15 pickups, a tone Paul and our team have been searching to find for years. Also, it has our new Gen III tremolo design, you can read about it on the 58/15 LTD page!

3. S2 Standard Satins

The S2 Standard Satins have our thinnest finish ever! This creates an organic, open tone with a feel that, need to feel to believe!

Check out THIS blog post where we really dive into these S2 Satin models and you can give them a listen!

2. S2 Vela


This guitar made quite a splash this year, even winning Premier Guitar’s “Gear of The Year” award! Check out the magazine cover below!


Additionally, the artist feedback on this guitar has been great across multiple genres, check out the Lower Dens performance on KEXP where Walker Teret performs the whole set with his S2 Vela in Antique White!

1. McCarty!


How could #1 not be the return of the McCarty? This model came to be a tribute to Paul’s mentor (Ted McCarty) and one heck of a guitar. Sporting 22 frets, a stoptail, a thicker back for fatter tone, and our new 58/15 pickups, it was certainly a little different for PRS, but Guitar Player Magazine gave it an editor’s pick, and we have to agree with them! It’s a “welcome return” to the Core line up.

Check out the demo HERE!

Well, 2015 has been a great year and we’re a bit sad to see it go, but 2016 is shaping up to be great! To all friends and fans of PRS, our commitment to quality and innovation will continue, that we can promise. Happy New Year!

To check out the 2016 lineup, visit our product page!