The Command Sisters Fall In Love With Their S2 Starla

Posted Mar 13, 2017


There are few better feelings than finding the right guitar. From the feel, to the sound, to the way it makes you play, there's nothing quite like having the right tool for the job. Alberta natives, the Command Sisters, found that feeling when they picked up a PRS S2 Starla. Read about the love story. *Story below from the Command Sisters blog. -- Meet Starla, the third Command Sister. With a retro personality and distinct voice, we knew right away that Starla would fit right into the band. ... and she loves to wear black just as much as we do. ;) After performing at the She Rocks Awards at NAMM 2017, Rich from PRS Guitars approached us about joining the PRS family. We were ecstatic!!! We had always admired the PRS design, brand, and playability. Moving up and down the fretboard felt effortless! And not to mention Starla is incredibly light to hold! (At 5'1" - this is a big deal.) :P We cannot wait to get to know Starla more as we write, play, and release new music this spring! <3 #SisterStarla -- To learn more about the S2 Starla, check out the model page here. -- CONNECT WITH THE COMMAND SISTERS Website Facebook Twitter Instagram