Roberto Restuccia Releases New Album - 'Lounge Katz'

Posted Apr 25, 2023


Roberto Restuccia Releases New Album - 'Lounge Katz'

UK based PRS Artist Roberto Restuccia has just dropped Lounge Katz, his latest studio album. Lounge Katz features ten original tracks, all showcasing Roberto’s trademark heartfelt playing. His fourth record following Exposure (2016), When The Smoke Clears (2017), and With Every Turn (2021), Lounge Katz finds Roberto wading ever deeper into the world of smooth jazz. Lounge Katz features cameos from well-known names from within the genre including keyboardist Greg Manning, bassist Mel Brown, drummer Eric Valentine, saxophonist Andrew Neu, keyboardist Chris "Big Dog" Davis, keyboardist Michael Broening and more. Physical copies of Lounge Katz are available on Amazon or stream it on Apple Music!

"I’ve been fortunate to play a variety of great guitars over the past few years - but my PRS Special is on another level of quality - and helps me express my musical message when inspiration strikes … a kind of sonic architecture. The sheer playability and resonance seem to call to me - and the name ‘Special’ is how it feels when I pick up my PRS. While recording my album ‘Lounge Katz’ my PRS provides me with all the tone, clarity and sustain I need as well as rock solid tuning. I exclusively used my semi hollow Special throughout the whole recording process, the pickup variety gives me all the tones and contours I need - which sit perfectly in the mix" - Roberto Restuccia

Lounge Katz Track List:

  1. Stand Up
  2. A Matter Of Persuasion
  3. 1979 (feat. Michael Broening)
  4. Phone Box (feat. Randy Scott)
  5. Smooth Talker
  6. Hip Jive
  7. Butterfly
  8. It’s A Blues Thing
  9. Lounge Katz
  10. Pure