Fall 2022 Pulse Artist Music Update!

Posted Oct 07, 2022


Fall 2022 Pulse Artist Music Update!

Heading into Autumn, 2022 continues to be a productive year for Pulse Artists as they release new music, perform live, and collaborate with each other on various projects. Pulse Artists have also been amassing awards, nominations and additional endorsements as their audiences continue to grow. Check out the latest from our Pulse Artists below!


    • Ben Casabianca (Dead Relic) - “Honesty"



    • Dean Llewellyn - Performed in a scene during Netflix’s “I Used To Be Famous”
    • John DeMena – Featured and interviewed by MariskalRock Magazine
    • Miguel Juarez – Interviewed by Global Filipino Magazine & Street Talk with Loretta Rose.
    • Jacob Velazquez – Featured in Diversity in Action Magazines’ Summer 2022 issue
    • Evangelista Kortes – Interviewed on Australia’s Joy 94.9 radio station
    • Flip Twogood (Acacia Ridge) – Their single “Anarchist” hit one million streams on Spotify
    • Abraham Montalvo (MONOLITHS) - Featured and interviewed by scenictrend.com
    • Jennale Adams, Desiree Ragoza & Mosahefu (Embrium) – all featured in GuitarGirlmag's latest “I Belong: Special Addition along side PRS artists Rhonda Smith, Kat Dyson and Jimena Fosado.
    GGM - Jennale Adams


    • Enrique Paaris - Nominated for three Pepsi Music Awards. Best Rock Song, Album & Artist
    • Tanya Venom (Stormstress) - Nominated for 4 New England Music Awards
    • Carlos Garo - Won a Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards for his song “Nirvana” & Nominated for a 2022 Hispanic Europe Maximum Pride Award

    Stay tuned for another update from PRS Pulse Artists later this year!

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