PRS Pulse Artist Appearances In The Media

Posted Mar 30, 2023


PRS Pulse Artist Appearances In The Media

PRS Pulse Artists are being recognized for their talent and hard work! Take a moment to check out some of the class of 2023’s most recent accolades from around the world!

Awards & Nominations

Danni Stefanetti won two World Songwriting Awards!

  • “Best Jazz Song” - “I Only Have Eyes for You”
  • “Best Music Video” - “Moon Looks Pretty Tonight”

John DeMena

  • "Eternal Eyes" won “Best Music Video” at the Barcelona Indie Awards!
  • "Eternal Eyes” was nominated for Best Animation Music Video at The Prague Music Awards.

Abigail Fierce

  • Semi-finalist in The International Songwriting Contest for “Pitch Dark”

Rangga Ringrose

  • Won Nuno Bettencourt’s “play with me challenge.”

Media Appearances

Dave Carr & Ron Holloway (Neck Of The Woods)

Carlos Garo

Danni Stefanetti

Abigail Fierce

John DeMena

Flip Twogood / Acacia Ridge

  • Chimera” and their latest single “Hivemind” added to Spotify’s “The Core” playlist
  • Chimera” reached #4, racked up over a quarter million streams and “Hivemind” just broke 100K!

Product Reviews

Will Maravelas (Coffin Rites / 1459 Studios)

Cam Bird

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