Listen to Fresh Music From PRS Pulse Artists!

Posted Dec 08, 2023


Listen to Fresh Music From PRS Pulse Artists!

Our new class of Pulse Artists are wrapping up the year with a flurry of new releases. This community of musicians have been hard at work, releasing new material, producing content, and gigging in venues across the globe. We have been thrilled to see these deserving artists expressing themselves and being recognized for their talents. Take some time to discover and explore these artists through our official PRS YouTube and Spotify playlists and of course on their own socials!

Albums & EPs

Stefan Hauk - Heavy Handed

Hauk - Heavy Handed

Abraham Montalvo (Monoliths) - Forever Gone

Monoliths - forever gone


Rohit H. Sivaram - “Nákṣatra

Cameron Smith (Roseland) - “Colorado”, “Lonely Barstool” & “Out in the Country

Eric McCullough (Gabe Woodrow) - Haunt Me"

Luiz Rodrigues - “The Machine God

Adam James (Chloe Kay and The Crusade) - Lies

Dave Carr & Ron Holloway (Neck of the Woods) - “Bloodletting a Phantom Limb

Durwin D'souza - “Ever Young

HIginio Ruiz, Alvaro Castilla & Kike Martín (Heleven) - “The Mask

Rob Riser - “Buzzkill

Flip Twogood (Acacia Ridge) - “Background Noise

Ayushmant Bharadwaj (Rizzless) - "MILF DAISUKI!"

Kaho Tsuji (Faulieu) -Yomaigoto

Carlos Bozzo & Marco Deustua (Stringlight) - “ANIMEDLEY

Claire Genoud (GLYTSH) - “DISSOCIA


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